, dir=None, is_mono=True, samplate=None, re_type='scipy')

Load an audio file as a NumPy array of floats.

path: str or list

Audio file path or path list.

If list, the sampling rate and audio length of all audio files must be the same

dir: str

Audio file directory.

If you set the directory, the path parameters cannot work.

The sampling rate and audio length in the directory must be the same.

is_mono: bool

Whether to convert it into a single channel

samplate: int or None

Convert audio sampling rate. None defaults to use audio

re_type: str

Resample type

  • scipy: scipy.signal.resample

  • scipy_poly: scipy.signal.resample_poly

y: np.ndarray [shape=(…, n)]

audio time series.

sr: number > 0 [scalar]

sampling rate of y