audioflux.display.fill_spec(data, axes=None, x_coords=None, y_coords=None, x_axis=None, y_axis=None, title='')

Display a spectrogram data

data: np.ndarray [shape=(fre, time)]

The matrix of spectrogram

axes: matplotlib.axes.Axes or None

Axes to plot on instead of the default plt.subplot().

x_coords, y_coords: None or np.ndarray [shape=(n,)]

Array of X-axis/Y-axis ticks

If not provided, it will be divided equally according to the size of the matrix

x_axis, y_axis: str or None

The scale of X-axis/Y-axis

  • None: Displayed on a linear scale.

  • ‘linear’: Displayed on a linear scale.

  • ‘log’: Displayed on a log scale.

  • ‘chroma’: Pitches are determined by the chroma filters.

  • ‘time’: Markers are shown as seconds.

title: str

The title of subplot